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Configuration-aware Testing

Industrial Study
"An empirical study on performance bugs for highly configurable software systems" [2016]
"Multi-layer software configuration: Empirical study on wordpress" [2015]
"Configurations everywhere: Implications for testing and debugging in practice" [2014 ICSE SEIP]
"An empirical study on configuration errors in commercial and open source systems" [2011]

Configuration Error
"On cross-stack configuration errors" [2017]

Configuration Sampling
"Uniform Sampling of SAT Solutions for Configurable Systems" [ICST2019]
"A Comparison of 10 Sampling Algorithms for Configurable Systems" [ICSE 2016]

Configuration Selection
"SPLat: Lightweight Dynamic Analysis for Reducing Combinatorics in Testing Configurable Systems" [FSE 2013]
"Learning-Based Performance Specialization of Configurable Systems " [2017]

Configuration Prioritization
"Enabling Testing of Large Scale Highly Configurable Systems with Search-based Software Engineering: the Case of Model-based Software Product Lines" [SPL 2015]

Configuration Traceability (Static Analysis)
"PCLocator: A Tool Suite to Automatically Identify Configurations for Code Locations" [SPLC 2018]
"Localizing Configurations in Highly-Configurable Systems" [SPLC 2018]
"iGen: dynamic interaction inference for configurable software" [FSE 2016]
"Tracking Load-time Configuration Options" [ASE 2014]
"Mining Configuration Constraints: Static Analyses and Empirical Results" [ICSE 2014]
"Identifying Inactive Code in Product Lines with Configuration-Aware System Dependence Graphs" [SPLC 2014][SPL]
"Automated Verification of Interactive Rule-Based Configuration Systems" [ASE 2013]

SE Problems related to Configuration
"On Run-Time Configuration Engineering " [2018 Thesis]
"On Studying Bad Practices in Configuration UIs" [2018]
"Architecture-level configuration of industrial control systems: Foundations for an efficient approach" [2018]
"Staccato: A Bug Finder for DynamicConfiguration Updates" [2016]
"Configuration-Aware Change Impact Analysis" [ASE 2015] [SPL]
"Runtime Adjustment of Configuration Models for Consistency Preservation" [2015]
"Software Configuration Engineering in Practice" [2015]
"Software Feature Location in Practice: Debugging Aircraft Simulation Systems"  [ICSE2014 SEIP]
"Which Configuration Option Should I Change?" [ConfSuggester ICSE2014]
"Automated Diagnosis of Software Configuration Errors"  [ConfDiagnoser ICSE2013]
"How Hadoop Clusters Break" [IEEE Software 2013]
"Characterizing Configuration Problems in Java EE Application Servers: An Empirical Study with GlassFish and Jboss" [ISSRE 2013]
"Scalable Product Line Configuration: A Straw to Break the Camel's Back" [ASE 2013][SPL]

Guided/Automated Configuration
"PrefFinder: getting the right preference in configurable software systems" [ASE 2014]
"Model-Based Automated and Guided Configuration of Embedded Software Systems" [2012]

Bug reproduction
"Making System User Interactive Tests Repeatable: When and What Should We Control?" [ICSE 2015]
"Works For Me! Characterizing Non-reproducible Bug Reports" [MSR 2014]
"Reproducibility of environment-dependent software failures: An Experience Report" [ISSRE 2014]
"BugRedux: Reproducing Field Failures for In-house Debugging" [ICSE 2012]

Mis-configuration Diagnosis (configuration debugging)
"Software configuration diagnosis - a survey of existing methods and open challenges" [2018]
"software configuration engineering in practice: Interviews, survey, and systematic literature review" [2018]
"Research on Software Misconfiguration Troubleshooting" [Journal of Software, Chinese, 2015]
"Do You Really Know How to Configure Your Software? Configuration Constraints in Source Code May Help" [IEEE Transactions on Reliability 2018]
"Automatic Type Inference for ProactiveMisconfiguration Prevention" [2017]
"Diagnosing Software Configuration Errors via Static Analysis" [2017 Thesis]
"ConfSeer: leveraging customer support knowledge bases for automated misconfiguration detection" [2015]
"Proactive detection of inadequate diagnostic messages for software configuration errors" [ISSTA 2015]
"Systems Approaches to Tackling Configuration Errors: A Survey" [2015]
"Where Do Configuration Constraints Stem From? An Extraction Approach and an Empirical Study" [TSE 2015]
"Generating Range Fixes for Software Configuration" [tech. report 2011]